About Patti & Her Adventure

Smooth Ride   Looking forward to this adventure…. I’ve been kayaking for about 12 years, a little more each summer! Thanks to my friends at the Spokane River    Forum, I’ve travelled all 111 miles of the Spokane River. Last year, I was on a lake or a river every Saturday from July to early November – we live “Near Nature, Near Perfect” after all!

   I’m not looking for whitewater, fast rapids or hair-raising tales… I find the experience of cutting through the water, while surrounded by spectacular shores deeply nurturing. I relish the sunlight reflections that cast diamonds across the water as I travel on to my own destinations. And yet, the prep-planning work, the loading/unloading of my dear kayak, the awareness of being safe, and coordinating the put-ins/take-outs, brings to mind my friend, Dee Riggs’ assessment: “kayaking isn’t for sissies!”

 After all these years, I have found my sport…


4 thoughts on “About Patti & Her Adventure

  1. Leslie here! I paddled with Patti on July 4, Day 1, and it was a fantastic day on the river. Sunshine, cool breezes, to experience the beauty of nature on a day like this just peels away any stress from your mind and body. Peace and calm. Only came across a few other boaters in this neck of the trip.

  2. I hope you are having beautiful weather up there, Patti–not too hot and not too cold or windy. We are watching from afar and wish you the best. What was the most interesting thing that has happened out on the river today?
    Love ya,

  3. Patti – Mary Teresa here. Following your moves. So great that you are supporting Soul to Soles! Hugs to you.

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